We value collaboration with various businesses to provide the best possible language learning experience for our clients. These partnerships inspire us and help improve our services. Furthermore, all of the businesses below do an excellent job to make the life in Denmark for expats better!

Career Denmark

Career Denmark provides expert guidance and personalized support to help individuals navigate the Danish job market confidently, such as resume optimization and interview preparation. We cater to local residents, repats, and international professionals abroad across various industries, including IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, and biotech. Additionally, we assist companies in helping retain international employees.

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Happy Children Denmark

Happy Children Denmark is a cultural consulting business that supports expats with their families helping them to build a sustainable social network in Denmark. Happy Children Denmark offers social support throughout the entire stay, cultural training for both Danes and internationals in and outside the workplace, one on one-support sessions on school- and spare time activity search and help with building social networks that include Danes.

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The Good Expat Life

As a UK-trained, bilingual (Danish/English) psychotherapist MPF, couples counsellor, and three-time expat, Henriette Johnsen, offers individual therapy, couples therapy, as well as counselling and coaching to help expats live their best lives. In a safe, compassionate, empathic, warm, and confidential space, Henriette helps you build self-awareness to enhance the quality of your relationships and expat experiences. Visit her website to learn more about her work and how she can help you.

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