Types of lessons for adults

Intensive Danish Language Bootcamp 2024

  • A mix of theory & practical tasks
  • Backstage at Odense Theatre
  • Team building in Danish
  • Networking in Danish
  • Intermediate level
  • 5 days

Join us all days during the daytime: 7.725 DKK
Stay at the hotel for full experience: 13.575 DKK

Dates & Location:
Date: 2nd-6th September
Place: Grand Hotel, Odense

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“Do I need to take time off from work to attend The Intensive Danish Language Bootcamp?”

No need to worry about falling behind at work! We’ve designed our Danish Language Bootcamp with your busy schedule in mind.

Our program includes dedicated slots each day for you to check emails, make calls, and handle other work-related tasks. This way, you can continue your language learning journey without missing a beat in your professional life.

Online Private lessons

Do you want to improve your Danish language skills, or do you want to learn it from the beginning in a relaxing atmosphere?
Experience shows that if you improve your Danish language skills, it is much easier to find a job and integrate.

I was recommended to reach out to AB Danish by a colleague, when I was looking for a remote Danish language learning option, as I was not able to attend my previous language school. I am extremely happy and grateful for that recommendation, as it has been an absolute pleasure working with Mikkel. He is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. With AB Danish's high quality tailor-made process I was able to pass PD3 successfully without any issues.

Product Manager, Milestone

Safe and relaxing atmosphere

We do our best to meet the needs of the individual person. Therefore, we always offer to have an online meeting to talk about your needs and goals. Based on that information we can adapt the classes to you, so you will benefit from it as much as possible.

You improve your learning quickly, when you are having fun, and when you feel relaxed. We do our best to provide Danish classes, where you can learn the language in a safe and relaxing atmosphere. So far our students agree. Read the reviews.

Flexible classes
AB Danish provides a very flexible schedule. We simply discuss the schedule for our classes from week to week. By doing that you will have the most flexible Danish classes. You may be busy working or studying, or your calendar may be a mess. It will not be a problem.

Tailored prices
Contact AB Danish to get an individual offer which matches your level, goal and needs. Here you can find examples of our packages.

Online Group lessons

If you prefer to learn a new language in a group, and if you like to have dialogs with other students, then you should join the group lessons. In a group lesson it is possible to have a lot of dialogs in real life scenarios, and in that way the students practice their vocabulary. By attending a group lesson, you will learn with others in a fun and relaxing environment.

My experience with AB Danish has been nothing but positive, thanks to tailored lessons that cater to my needs and the convenience of remote meetings. In particular, Cecilia, my teacher, has created an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. Her commitment extends beyond the lessons, as she goes the extra mile with follow-up support and provides additional materials to enhance my understanding. Overall, Cecilia's personalised and effective teaching style has truly enriched my Danish learning journey (which us expat know, is not an easy one). Highly recommended!

Lara, Head of Technical Designers, Covier DK

Sign up with your friends
Are you two or more friends, who want to learn Danish? No problem! Contact AB Danish for information about lessons together. Then we will compose the lessons, so they meet your needs.

It is also possible to sign up for a group with other persons from all around the country. Every group has a maximum of five persons, and there are three kinds of groups: Elementary, lower intermediate and intermediate.

Tailored prices
Contact AB Danish to get an individual offer which matches your level, goal and needs. Here you can find examples of our packages.

In-person lessons in Odense & Aarhus

Are you looking to take your Danish language skills to the next level? Or are you starting from scratch and want to learn in a more engaging way? While online lessons are convenient, we also provide Danish classes in-person.

In a short time I was able to improve my Danish skills and use it at work. The tailored in-person classes have been extremely helpfull!

Ruben, Software Administrator, Synlab Medical Digital Services

At AB Danish, we understand the importance of tailoring our lessons to each individual’s needs. That’s why we always start with a meeting to discuss your goals and expectations. From there, we create a customized lesson plan that suits your learning style and pace.

Learning a new language can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Our Danish classes provide a safe and relaxing atmosphere where you can have fun while learning. We believe that a positive and encouraging environment is key to helping our students achieve their language goals.

At AB Danish, we understand that life can get busy, which is why we offer a flexible schedule that can be adjusted to fit your needs. Whether you have work or study commitments, or your schedule changes from week to week, we can accommodate your needs.

It is possible to have lessons in person in Aarhus or in Odense.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn Danish in person. Contact us today to
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Here, you will find an overview of our available packages. For detailed information or specific requests, kindly reach out to us via the provided contact details on the contact page

Privates – the company does not cover the lessons

One to one Danish lessons:
40 basic lessons
40 all-inclusive lessons – great for exam preperation

20 basic lessons
20 all-inclusive lessons – great for exam preperation

Monthly packages – non-binding agreement
Basic lessons – have the invoice by the end of each month
All-inclusive lessons – have the invoice by the end of each month

Group Danish lessons
40 basic lessons
40 all-inclusive lessons – Great for exam preperation

20 basic lessons
20 all-inclusive lessons


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