How are AB Danish lessons structured?

Structure of lessons

The structure and content of the Danish lessons will always be tailored to your exact needs. However, some things are similar for every type of lesson, and this document will walk you through the general structure of the Danish lessons.

After reading this, you will know exactly what to expect and you can have your complete focus on learning the Danish language.

How the online lessons work

Most of our lessons will be held via Google Meet. After signing up for the lessons, you will receive individual invites with a link to join the online lesson.

Some companies do not allow Google Meet, and in those cases, we will use Microsoft Teams or Zoom instead.

It will be possible to record lessons via Google Meet. A recording can be useful if you want to revisit some grammar rules, or you are preparing for an exam.

During your first lesson, you will receive a link to a shared document which will be used like an online black board. In here we will write notes, explanations, tasks, and everything else you need to remember from each lesson.

Which study material is used for the lessons?

In our lessons we will primarily use the material called “Trin for Trin” and “Bliv klar”. This is approved and recommended material for learning Danish, and it meets the requirements of the different modules and exams.

We will always help you find the correct material based on your level and needs. In most cases, the material can be shipped to you in a physical format. This can be an advantage, as you will be able to write in it during our online lessons.

Your needs are our goal

Do you have special requests for our lessons? Most of the time we can make it happen. Just reach out to us and we will do our best to find the best solution for you.

A free online introductory meeting

We always offer a free online introductory meeting. During the meeting we will ask about your Danish speaking level, needs, and goals. Based on this information we will tell you how we can give you the best possible experience of learning the Danish language and culture.

We are here to help you learn in your preferred way.


  • What are all-inclusive-lessons?
    – Lessons every week
    – Homework every time
    – Personal teacher
    – Possible to cancel up to the day before at 12.00 noon. without being charged. The lesson will just be replaced
    – Any needed material shipped to your address in Denmark
    – Video recordings of all lessons
    – Access to online videos about the exam, examples of assignments & the most typical mistakes
    – Even more targeted materials


  • How frequent are the Danish lessons?

The lessons take place two times a week. It is possible to have more lessons during the week if requested.

  • How long is a lesson?

Every lesson is 45 min.

  • How much time should I expect to spend doing homework?

Since the lessons are tailored to your needs, the amount of homework depends on your individual plan – typically based around your work schedule and learning goals. Most of our students spend 2 hours on homework every week.

  • Are all the lessons online?

Most of our Danish lessons are online since this is the most flexible. You do not have to spend time on transport, and you are free to attend the 45 minutes lessons from wherever you want.

  • Is it possible to have physical lessons?

In some cases, the best solution is physical lessons– either on your address or in our classroom. We will discuss this with you during the introductory meeting.

  • On which platform do the lessons take place?

We use Google Meet for the online lessons. Some companies do not allow Google Meet, and in those cases we will use Microsoft Teams or Zoom

  • Can I record my lessons?

Yes, you will be able to record your Danish lessons per request.

  • Can I share my notes and homework with my teacher?

In our first lesson we will share an online document with you, where you will be able to write notes and do your homework. The document will be used during the lessons by you and your teacher.

You will always have access to the shared document.

  • Is the schedule fixed?

To avoid misunderstandings, we have a fixed schedule. Therefore, you always have your lessons on the same day and same time. It is sometimes possible to reschedule to another day and time.

  • Can I cancel a lesson?

Most packages have the option to cancel a lesson as late as the day before at 12.00 noon without being charged.

When purchasing a package, you will always be informed about the terms of cancellation.

  • How many times can I cancel a lesson?

Every cancelled lesson will be postponed to another day. Just be aware that all lessons purchased need to be completed before a certain date.

You will be informed about the specific “deadline date” when purchasing a package.

  • How do I purchase a package of Danish lessons?

You have 3 options:

  1. Send an e-mail to
  2. Find AB Danish via Facebook
  3. Fill out the contact form on the website.

Please provide information about your Danish level, learning goals, and work situation. Afterwards you will be contacted as soon as possible to set up an online meeting, where details about the different packages will be sent to you as well.

  • How do I pay?

When you purchase a package, you will receive an invoice by the end of the month. On the invoice you can find payment details such as bank account or Mobile Pay information.

  • Can I have my expenses covered by my employer?

You can usually ask your employer to cover your Danish lessons. You are welcome to refer to the website when speaking to your employer.

You are always more than welcome to ask for a specific offer to show to your employer. The invoice can afterwards be issued to the company.

When your employer covers your expenses, you automatically get everything included. This means that all necessary materials are included in the price, video recordings of all lessons, greater flexibility and a focus on conversation about relevant job situations.

  • What do I need for the lessons?

Based on our introductory online meeting we will find the best possible learning material for you. The material can be shipped to your address in physical form per request.

You will need to have the learning material available to you and a stable internet connection for every lesson.

  • How do I attend the online Danish lessons?

Before the lessons begin you will receive invitations for each individual lesson by mail from

These you will have to accept, and then you can find them in your calendar connected to your mail. If you do not have a calendar, you can always find the invitation in your inbox. Via the invitation you can access each lesson by clicking “attend/deltag”.


Start learning today

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