Ahlburg Sprog compared to other language schools

A comparison of our Danish teaching to public schools and other private schools can help you decide the direction of your Danish-learning journey – as the experiences are often very different.

The following is based on a combination of both my own and my students’ experiences.

Learning Danish at a public language school – what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Attending a public school has its benefits – it is both cheap and easily accessible. However, it also has two major disadvantages:

  • You will be enrolled in a class with many different people with different levels.

This means your individual learning needs will not be prioritized, simply because there are too many different people in class – all with different needs.

  • Public language schools are very inflexible

Most of our students tell the same story: Since they are working full time and have a family, they do not have time to spend three hours after work learning Danish + transportation.

Most therefore choose a private language school with the option to fit the lessons into their schedule. 

Learning Danish at private language schools – what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Private schools almost always offer a better learning experience than public schools. However, many of my students have had poor experiences at other private schools. The primary disadvantages have been:

  • Private schools increasingly use students with no or limited experience as Danish teachers.

The students attend a teaching course for five weeks and are afterwards a part of the school’s teaching staff. This is not nearly enough experience to provide teaching services. 

  • Many private teachers don’t prioritize improving their teaching skills

More and more private teachers provide Danish lessons as part-time freelancers. This means the teachers are often not fully focused on the classes and do not have time to improve their teaching skills – since they are, naturally, primarily focused on their full-time job. 

Because of these challenges, we have decided to take Danish teaching in a new and improved direction.

Why Ahlburg Sprog? 4 teaching pillars

First and foremost, we guarantee that you will have a professional and personal teacher all the way till the end.  

All our teachers have +10 years’ experience – and over the years we have helped many students prepare for all types of Danish exams. 

The following 4 pillars are why we can confidently say that we can teach anyone Danish:

  1. We handpick the teaching material based on your level, your individual needs, and your learning goals.

Furthermore, we always look for new ways to improve your Danish language and cultural understanding. We do so by suggesting relevant articles, podcasts, and more – all based on your interests. 

  1. Flexibility is very important to our students and we make sure to schedule the lessons when it suits your

This also means that it is possible to reschedule lessons if needed. Most of our students work in busy companies and they sometimes need to attend important meetings or travel. We will always find a solution that fits your calendar.  

  1. Lack of self-confidence to speak Danish is normal – and we make sure to improve yours.

We do our best to create a warm and fun atmosphere during our lessons. The reason is simple: We believe that progress and improvement will increase when you feel relaxed.

  1. Understanding the logic behind the language is very important – and we will explain it to you in a simple and easy way.

The knowledge of the small things in for example Danish grammar can be used to improve your understanding of the language.

We continually improve our own knowledge about the language so we can explain every small detail of the Danish language and culture. 


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